Entweder.vc is a venture capitalist.

It's main goal is to enable people to be more productive at work, making them happier and more satisfied. This is achieved by building own ventures but also by investing in existing start- and scale-ups.

Entweder.vc likes to take the road less travelled, getting results by hard work and always trusting on gut feeling.

It believes that offices are changing from ‘type-factories’ into ‘platforms of exchange’ and keeps on accommodating this evolution with their ventures like they have done in the past.

Entweder.vc is also looking ahead, especially at the world around us, that seems to be changing more and more every day. It sees this as an opportunity, which is why Entweder.vc is expanding its businesses all over Europe.

To accommodate this growth, it is looking for talented entrepreneurs to build start-ups into scale-ups and ideas into profitable companies.